SportsNet Athletic Clearance/Registration

SportsNet is the official online athlete clearance platform for the Jefferson Union High School District


* All Student Athletes must be cleared through SportsNet BEFORE participation in any TNHS sport. *


If you clearing a returning athlete, Your student must be cleared every school year.  You may log in to your SportsNet account to clear your student this year by:

  • Updating Information
  • Uploading this years Physical Examination Document *** VIEW Update Physical Requirements for Athletes IN LIEU OF COVID-19
  • Consenting to your students participation in any sports they will be playing this school year

If you are clearing a new Terra Nova athlete, please be sure to have the following before creating your SportsNet account, as you will need it in order to complete the athletic clearance process:

  • Your students First and Last Name as it appears on their school records
  • You students Student ID number
  • A Physical Exam Document, given by a doctor within 12 months, clearing our athlete for full participation (this will need to be uploaded into the SportsNet system)
  • Insurance Information
  • Emergency Contacts

When arriving to the Terra Nova SportsNet home page, please click on “Create a New Account” link located towards the bottom of the page to begin athletic registration.


Questions regarding the TNHS Online Athletic Registration process should be directed to the Athletic Director at