Tiger Athletics Information

What Does It Take to be a Tiger Student Athlete?

Terra Nova High School is know for having an outstanding athletics program rich tradition, pride and victory.  Tiger students athletes make up about half of the schools student population and many of these athletes are not just exceptional in their sport but in the classroom and across campus as well.

Making the Commitment

At Terra Nova HS, we believe that co-curricular activities are an extension of the classroom.  Our expectation is that student athletes understand the commitment they are making before deciding to participate in athletics.

  • Academic Eligibility – Athletes must maintain a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to play.
  • PRACTICE = PLAY – All TN sports teams practice every weekday and some Saturdays. Practices are mandatory to play in contests. Students are responsible for letting coaches know ahead of time if they MUST miss a practice.
  • Game Day Attendance (or Friday if Saturday game) – Students must be present for FOUR FULL periods on game days to be eligible to participate.
  • NO MPR Rule – There is no “mandatory play rule” in high school. Game time is earned through hard work and dedication and is at the discretion of the coaching staff.
  • NO SUNDAY CONTACT – As per league rules, there will be no sporting events or practices on Sundays.
Being a Responsible Athlete

Terra Nova HS believes in encouraging independence, self-advocacy and personal responsibility with all its students.  Home of scholars and Champions, we believe that being a STUDENT always comes first, being a positive member of the COMMUNITY on and off campus is a must and then being a strong ATHLETE follow.

  • It is a student’s responsibility to make sure they are academic eligible, school comes first.
  • Students are responsible for all equipment issued to them. Parents and guardians are financially responsible for equipment issued to a student.
  • Students expected to respect all athletic and school facilities home and away.
  • Students are responsible for their conduct anytime they are representing TN.

Student ⟹ Community ⟹ Athlete

About our programs

The Terra Nova High School Athletics Program prides itself in being able to offer a number of sports, across all three seasons of play.  Home to 40 different teams in 15 different sports, many of our teams are “no cut” and no experience necessary.  All are welcome.


All Student Athletes must be registered on SportsNet

Terra Nova High Schools Online Athlete Management Platform

You must be the students parent or guardian to fill out the Terra Nova High School Athlete Packet on SportsNet.

Before starting you will need the following information in order to complete the registration process:

  • Your students First and Last Name as it appears on their school records
  • You students Student ID number
  • A Physical Exam Document, given by a doctor within 12 months, clearing your athlete for full participation (this will need to be uploaded into the SportsNet system)

Click Here to Access SportsNet Registration

Questions regarding the TNHS Online Athletic Registration process should be directed to the Athletic Director at tnathleticdirector@juhsd.net.

For more information about Terra Nova High Schools Athletic Policies, please refer to the Student Athlete Handbook.